Jackie Grosse Coaching

Do you identify as a woman with Confidence? If not, let me show you how!

In my 12 week program, The Shift, I teach women how to be Confident, Strong, and Independent by using their greatest asset, their mind. If you question your ability to do anything from getting a new job, to running a marathon, to being a mom, starting your own business, and everything in between, you will soon realize that it all gets down to Confidence; and this is where I come in. Let me help you realize your full potential by unlocking the keys to your greatest strength.

Transforming Thoughts

Transforming thoughts to unlock your Natural confidence.


About Jackie

I have always been interested in human behavior. I would often find myself saying "why can he or she do that but I can't." However, over time, I dove deep into that question and now I say "I can figure this out." In my program The Shift, I work one on one in private coaching sessions, teaching you how to uncover the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from being the person you desire to be. It's not uncommon to struggle with confidence but confidence is a skill that can be built over time. Rather than obsessing over insecurities, The Shift will help you break through obstacles and be the most confident version of yourself. Let's do this together! I can help you.

      Let me help you change your life.

                        As a certified coach through The Life Coach School, I will help you                                         gain the confidence that was always there but you just needed to go a little deeper to find it. 

  • One on one personal coaching with me
  • Learn how to release the fear that holds you back
  • Help you understand why you have self-critical thoughts and help you move beyond them


  • How to deal with criticism from others
  • How to let go of limiting beliefs
  • How to deal with fear of failure

Your confidence has been there the all along. Let's work on finding it together.

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